Current version (3.9)

The latest version of Advene is only available as source and Linux (Ubuntu/Debian/Redhat) packages. Though the application can be executed on other platforms, there is no installer yet for Windows or MacOS. Please contact us if you want to help in building installers, or sponsoring this work.

DebianUbuntuDebian/Ubuntu Sources - v.3.9Sources Git treeDevelopment tree

Download the packaged version for Linux, then see the tutorial package and the advene public wiki for instructions and documentation. Feel free to help maintaining these information through the wiki. You can report issues in the bug tracker.


We provide here a Debian/UbuntuDebian/Ubuntu package. You also can run it directly from sources.


If you are using Debian or Ubuntu, you can declare the private repository:

sudo wget --quiet -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/advene.list

declare the signing key as valid:

wget --quiet -O - | sudo apt-key add -

Once the repository is configured, the procedure to install and upgrade Advene is the same :

sudo apt update && apt install advene advene-full

advene-full is a pseudo-package that only defines dependencies on optional components (extra codecs, etc) that are not strictly necessary for Advene, but recommended.

We are working on making Advene available again in standard Debian/Ubuntu distributions.


The most recent version of Advene can run on Windows, but has not yet been packaged. You can use the older 1.0.3 version. Download the Advene windows 1.0.3 installer and execute it. Note that you do not need administrator rights to install Advene on your computer. It can be installed anywhere as a simple user.

An installer for Advene 3.x on Windows exists, but needs some polishing and finalization before it can be distributed. If you have the required competences, or if you are ready to financially sponsor this finalization, please contact us.

Mac OS X

The new Advene is not available yet for MacOS X. It can be run from sources. Contact us if you want to help building or sponsoring a MacOS X installer.

You can use the older 1.0.1 version. Download the Advene 1.0.1 dmg image.

Previous version (1.0)

An older version of Advene, 1.0, is still available, for Windows and MacOSX users. Although of course there are no new features and codecs were not updated (which means that there can be issues with some video formats), it still functions correctly, and the data format is compatible between both versions.

Windows Windows binary installer Mac OS X MacOS X/Intel package


The development version of Advene is available on Github. From the project page you can access various tools (development tree, bug tracker, etc.).

gstreamer contributions

Advene now uses the gstreamer multimedia framework as player and overall video manipulation software. We developed rsvgoverlay, a SVG rendering element, which is now included in gst-plugins-bad.

VLC contributions

We previously used the VLC player in the context of the Advene project. For this, we needed to control the player from our Python application. We chose to implement a control API based on an existing standard, the OMG Audio/Video Stream 1.0 specification. We first implemented it as a CORBA control module for vlc, but we have since developped native python bindings for VLC.

Additionally, a SVG rendering module as well as a snapshot module have been implemented.

All these contributions are now integrated in the standard VLC.